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Course description

This course aims at providing intensive online coaching to students preparing for NAATI CCL test. Credential Community Language Test, popularly known as CCL test, is a new pathway towards Migration to Australia. This test assesses students' competency in interpreting between English and their Community language. See available list of languages on NAATI website. Students who pass CCL test receive 5 Credentialed Community Language points that can be used towards Migration Applications to Department of Home Affairs (Australia).

Successful completion of this course will not only provide students with in-depth knowledge of interpretation in two languages, it also provides extensive vocabulary worksheets that helps students in gaining accuracy while interpreting. Students also have an option to choose for a mock test and may receive feedback if required. An option of 'Online support ' is also available if students require comments / suggestions or feedback during or after the course.

Pre requisites

Before you take up this course, it is expected that students have proficiency in both English and their Community Language. This means students should have 6.0 bands or above in IELTS (or similar to PTE or any other English Language Test). It is a common misconception that students will learn language in this course.

However, it is to be noted that this is an interpreting course and students will be learning components of interpretation in two languages and the skills and strategies required for this test. It is expected that students are already proficient in their Community Language. They should have a good knowledge of grammar, tenses, sentence structure and basic vocabulary in their language.

What will you learn

The course is divided into pre-recorded videos that delivers complete knowledge of CCL test and its requirements, useful skills and techniques, expectations from the students and how this test is marked.

Students will have access to worksheets followed by each online session. These worksheets are regarded as compulsory practice material before they attend the next session.

Each session has translation sheets as well as topic-based vocabulary that prepare students for the expected dialogues in the actual CCL test.Each session has translation sheets as well as topic-based vocabulary.

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